Dr. Tracey Hunter


Advanced Certification in Schema Therapy (Member - ISST)

First - a bit about my background! I am a clinical psychologist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I became passionate about Schema Therapy as a therapy model about 10 years into my career, so in 2011 I travelled to New York to undergo advanced training and certification in Schema Therapy with Dr. Jeffrey Young and Wendy Behary. I love working with the personality and I find us humans fascinating and resilient, and underneath all the old protective layers we are constantly seeking growth, connection and aliveness.

Since completing Schema Therapy certification, I have been training and supervising other therapists in this model. I use Schema Therapy and Mode Work with all of my clients, with inspiring results. The majority of my clients are seeking relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety that is most often a reflection of either a disconnection within themselves, or with their intimate partner. When exploring the blocks in their intimate relationships, the story is usually traced back to messages they received in childhood about love, connection, self-expression, and worthiness. Using the experiential techniques of Schema Therapy, as well as creating a safe therapeutic relationship where this healing can occur, clients are able to bring unconscious patterns and wounds into awareness in order to heal them and gain clarity about their core emotional needs and values in life.

I stay up to date with the latest developments in Schema Therapy worldwide, including attending the Schema Therapy Summer School in Barcelona in 2017, and organising Dr. Scott Kellogg  to visit Australia from New York to run training in Transformational Chairwork in 2015. I presented a 1-day workshop "Confronting Internalised Parent Modes" at the APS Clinical College Conference in Adelaide in 2018.

In my spare time I like to unwind in solitude, plan my next local and overseas adventures, spend time out on the water with my partner, 2 daughters and step-son, enjoy time in nature, enjoy food and music, and connect with my beloved friends.

Academic Background

- 2005: PhD in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University, Gold Coast under the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Scholarship.

- 2005: Griffith University Academic Excellence list for PhD thesis titled "A Longitudinal Path Model of Children's Depression and Externalising Problems as Outcomes of Behaviours, Peer Rejection and Peer-related Attributions and Perceptions".

- 1999: Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (First Class) at Griffith University, Gold Coast.


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